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5:30pm MTWTF 
MWTF 7pm (no Tues) 
8:00 am MWF
10am S
2-4 pm Sun
Kids:  Tues, Thurs
FREE Nutrition
​Workshop Tues 7pm


March 24, 2017

$109 Month to Month  per person  $90 for an additional immediate family member

$99  6 Month agreement  INCLUDES WORLD GYM ACCESS 24/7
 $80 for an additional immediate family member

$89  12 Month agreement INCLUDES WORLD GYM ACCESS 24/7
​$80 for an additional immediate family member

 Performance: our daily training session that always changes. It is the most complete total body training you’ve ever done. Our coaches take good care of you and teach you how to train like an athlete using everything from a barbell to a box. We focus on skill and technique while we train hard and smart.

Foundations 1, 2: this is how you get started as our athlete. We teach you to learn and practice all of the key movements for our Performance sessions. Foundations is our way of saying we care about your experience as a member of our family.  PLEASE attend these prior to attending other classes unless you are "camping".

HIIT Camp: not your momma’s boot camp! We use mainly body weight movements but don’t be surprised if you end up playing with a kettle bell, jump rope or a medicine ball. All muscles get hit (pun intended) in this session while you burn mega calories.

Crush It Saturdays: this is about fun, family and fitness. All members can bring their friends or family and see what the Iron Jungle is all about. Pets are welcomed too (to watch, not train). This party happens on the last Saturday of the month.

  1. Foundations
    These are the basics to learn form, technique and function. Please attend the Sunday Foundations 1 and 2 until you are ready to jump into the other classes!
  2. Performance
    Step it up to higher training levels.
  3. HiiT Camp
    These boot camps will be advertised when offered. Currently the next boot camp is scheduled to start May 4th!
  4. Crush it Saturdays
    These are open to the community Saturdays 10am... Join us to sample what we are all about!